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What is 10 Year “Level Term” Life Insurance?

​​​​​​​Level Term Life Insurance is a simple, economical way to make sure your loved ones would at least have financial help should they unexpectedly lose you. “Level Term” refers to the fact that the rate you choose is guaranteed not to change for a term of 10 years – even as you grow older and regardless of any changes in your health.

How do I find my cost?

​​​​​​​Use the calculator on this website to indicate about how much you will be comfortable paying each month. The calculator will then show you about how much coverage you should expect to be able to get for that amount. You’ll then be provided a simple form to use in passing that information along to a Life Insurance Central representative.

What is Life Insurance Central?

​​​​​​​NRA approved Life Insurance Central is a free service that puts licensed insurance representatives to work for you, researching coverage from multiple insurance companies, to find you quality coverage that matches up well with the amount you want to spend, and the amount of coverage you’d like to have.

I don’t like sales pressure – can you assure me that won’t happen?

​​​​​​​Life Insurance Central’s representatives are salaried, not commissioned, to assure total focus on helping you get the coverage and cost you want – not meeting sales quotas. You’ll get the information you need with no pressure, no obligation, and no charge.

What if I change my mind after I apply?

​​​​​​​If you apply, then change your mind, you can return your certificate within 30 days and any premium paid will be fully refunded, no questions asked. You will owe nothing further and be under no further obligation.

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